Stone Products


Whether you are building a patio or walkway, large retaining wall or small seating wall, we have the stone to meet your needs.
We carry beautiful New England fieldstone in bulk and in palletized form, as well as thin veneer. Visit our yard to see our current selection of stone pavers, wall stone, and loose stone.
We can order more quantities or specialty sizes; simply call us or visit our office to place your order.
 In terms of coverage per pallet, please realize that these are natural products are each pallet will differ. But in general, one pallet of stone will cover:
25-30 cubic feet (wall)  or a 1' x 1' x 25-30' wall
120-125 square feet (flat) or a 10' x 12-12.5' patio

Pricing is for product only; we can coordinate a contractor to install or finish your unique project.

Wall & Stepping Stone
Item Price U/M
Garden Path, Colonial $432.00 Pallet
Garden Path, PA $350.00 Pallet
Fieldstone, New England $200.00 Pallet
Fieldstone, PA - Regular $295.00 Pallet
Fieldstone, PA - Thin $295.00 Pallet
Wallstone, Colonial - Regular $300.00 Pallet
Wallstone, Colonial - Thin $300.00 Pallet
Wallstone, CT Tan - Regular $300.00 Paller
Wallstone, CT Tan - Thin $300.00 Pallet
Wallstone, Rattle Blue $320.00 Pallet
Flagstone, Irregular Stand Up - Full Color $650.00 Pallet
Tumbled Bluestone - Thin $410.00 Ton

We have quarried slate in grey, green or mottled. Pieces are cut on 3 sides and irregular on the fourth.


Item Price
Slate Flagstone $0.45/lb

Loose field stone and boulders are availble both in the pit and in select open fieldstone pallets.
Please inquire at the office prior to picking any loose stone or boulders.
We have boulders ranging in size from baseballs to large 2-man boulders and larger.
Loose Stone & Boulders 
Item Price U/M
Loose Stone $0.25 LB
Native Boulders $85.00 Ton

Natural Vermont Steppers are real stones perfect for creating natural, organic stairways or transitions.
Vermont Steppers
Item Price U/M
3' Vermont Stepper $90.00 Each
4' Vermont Stepper $145.00 Each

Please note that prices are subject to change without notice.