Cape Cod Mulch

T.W. Nickerson, Inc. is proud to offer both premium Bark Mulches as well as our own House and Enhanced mulches that are made on site from recycled wood and bark.
There is no minimum to have mulch delivered; just pay a flat
delivery fee! We have trucks that can carry up to 6, 10 or 25 yards per trip! See our
FAQ page for more delivery and mulch information.

Cape Cod Bark Mulch

Black Bark Mulch*
Black. Very finely ground aged pine & spruce bark
(Very finely ground - almost like loam!)
Premium Dark Bark Mulch
Dark Brown. Finely ground aged bark.

Premium Light Bark Mulch
Light Brown. Finely ground pine & spruce bark
Forest Enhanced Black Mulch*
Black. Medium ground enhanced pine & spruce wood (Carbon Dye)

Hemlock Bark Mulch
Medium Reddish Brown. Finely ground fresh hemlock bark.

Triple Ground Enhanced Brown*
Dark Brown. Finely ground enhanced pine & spruce wood (Carbon Dye)

House Dark Mulch
Very Dark Brown. Medium ground aged pine & spruce wood
$22.00 plus delivery
*Recieved Free Local Delivery (Chatham, Harwich, Brewster or Orleans) with any 10+ yard order of House or Enhanced Mulch (Those marked with an asterisk)!*

Please visit us and take a look at our selection of mulches; we are located in South Chatham just off Route 137 on Mill Hill Road. Our bins are labeled and we are available to answer any questions or assist you with your mulch decision!

Please note that the pictures are for general purposes only; actual colors are different in real life and vary by your computer's monitor. We highly reccommend coming to see the mulches in person for the best representation of the colors and textures of the mulch.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices do not include applicable 6.25% MA Sales Tax.

Frequently Asked Mulch Questions

Do you deliver?
We offer delivery for a small fee based on the town and we can deliver any amount of mulch. We have trucks that can hold up to 6, 10 or 25 yards per trip. Call us to schedule a delivery (508) 432-1655.Click 
here for delivery rates.

How many yards of mulch can my truck hold?
An average pick-up truck can usually hold between 1-2 yards of mulch.

What Are The Differences Between Premium And House/Enhanced Mulches?
Premium mulches are a finer grind, are made of pure bark and are trucked from Maine. They will retain their color slightly longer due to their pure bark content.
House mulches are made on site, and consist of ground and aged pine & spruce bark & wood. They are coarser in texture and have some larger pieces, and therefore do not break down as quickly.
Enhanced mulches are made on site. They are made of ground, aged pine & spruce bark & wood mixed with a
carbon base dye.

Are your Mulches Dyed?
All of our mulches (except for Forest Enhanced Black & Triple Ground Enhanced Brown) are 100% natural (not dyed). They are aged to achieve their darker color. Our Enhanced mulches use a carbon dye.

Are your Enhanced (dyed) mulches Safe?
TWN uses all environmentally safe colorants to manufacture our enhanced mulches. They are specially formulated to be nontoxic to children, animals and plants. 

How much mulch is one yard?
We sell mulch by the cubic yard. One yard is approximately 27 cubic feet and will cover around 100 square feet (a 10’x10’ area) at 3” deep.

How thick should I spread my mulch?
We recommend mulch to be spread in a 3” coating to prevent weeds and provide adequate protection.
Do you keep records of my past orders?
Yes! We keep records of your mulch selection and quantity from previous years. Call the office to inquire.