Masonry Materials

We offer several bagged mortars and specialtly cements as well as rebar, wire mesh and other masonry materials.
For Coarse and Fine Washed Mason sands, see the
Sand Page.

Mason Materials
Item Price U/M
1/2" Rebar, 20' Lengths $0.60 L/F
Rebar Cutting Fee $0.50 Per Cut
18" Rebar, Pre-cut $1.90 Each
24" Rebar, Pre-cut $2.20 Each
36" Rebar, Pre-cut $2.80 Each
Drywell Cover, 30" $28.00 Each
Heavy Duty Flat Cover, 32"x4" $30.00 Each
Type N Light Mortar, 70# $13.85 Bag
Type II Portland Cement, 94# $14.50 Bag
Premix Concrete, 80# $8.00 Bag
Premix Mortar, 80# $9.30 Bag
Polymetric Sand, 50#, Grey or Beige $25.25 Bag
Wire Mesh Sheet, 5'x10', 10GA $14.00 Each

Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices do not include 6.25% MA sales tax.