Frequently Asked Questions

How much product should I order?
For mulch, 1 yard will cover 100 square feet (a 10'x10' area) 3" deep. We also keep records and can usually tell you how many yards you have ordered in the past.
For driveway stone, 1 ton will cover about 250 square feet at 1" deep, which is a good depth for replenishing worn stone. You can also call us with your driveway dimensions (length and width in feet) and we can calculate how much product you will need.

Do I need to be present for my delivery?
No! As long as you pre-pay or pay by credit card over the phone and leave us specific dumping instructions and a contact phone number, we can dump without anyone present. Although we do schedule deliveries within 2 hour windows for your convenience in case you would like to show the driver where to dump. Many customers find it helpful to leave a large tarp spread out in an open area (no overhead trees or wires); this makes it clear us to dump it where you'd like.

Can the driver dump in multiple spots? Can he tailgate my driveway stone?
Our drivers are skilled and will do their best to accomodate your wishes; sometimes we are able to dump your product in multiple locations. It really depends on the circumstaces and the driver will explain whether it is possible or not. We can not drive on any septic or irrigation lines and we can not dump under any tree limbs or wires. Once the body of the truck lifts up, it is difficult to stop it, so just note that if you want "half" the load in one spot and "half" the load in another, it will not be exactly half. But our drivers usually do an exceptional job to the best of their ability.
Driveway stone can usually be "tailgate" spread for you. This is when we open the tailgate a few inches and chain it, then drive forward while the body lifts, spreading it in an even sheet. This service is included in your delivery fee and can be done in the 6 Wheel truck (our middle size delivery truck.) There can not be any over-head limbs or wires, and tailgating can not usually be done on inclines or circular drives, but the drivers will tailgate as much as they can. Tailgating can usually save you a singifcant amount of labor!

Should I tip my driver?
We pay our drivers to perform their job in a proficient manner. However, if you feel that the driver has done an outstanding job or performed above and beyond the call of duty, you are welcome to tip the driver.

How much notice do you require to place an order?
We can usually deliver the same day; if not, the next day! April though June is our busiest season, and the more notice that you give is the best, we can usually accomodate all deliveries in an approporiate time frame. We deliver Monday through Saturday during our normal business hours. (We are closed Saturdays Thanksgiving through March).

Is the dyed mulch safe to use in my yard/around pet/around children/around ponds?

Our dye supplier uses all environmentally safe materials to manufacture our colorants. They are specially formulated to be nontoxic to children, animals and plants.