Driveway Materials

We have a wide selection of base materials for creating, repairing and restoring driveways. Top them with or replenish existing crushed stone in two colors and sizes or the very popular crushed seashells.
Our driveway shells are clean but arrive in a gray color and larger texture; however, within a few sunny days they will be uniformly white and crushed.

One cubic yard of crushed gravel equals about 1.3 tons; however, we will not know the exact total until it is weighed prior to delivery.

Not sure how much gravel to order? Provide us with the length and width (in feet) of your driveway and your desired depth (1" refreshing up to 3" for new driveways), and we can estimate the amount you will need!
We can assist you with your calculations or any other questions by phone or at our office.

Crushed Stone & Crushed Shells

Item Price U/M
3/4" Crushed Bluestone $38.75 Ton
3/8" Crushed Bluestone $39.50 Ton
3/4" Crushed Native Stone 
$39.50 Ton
3/8" Crushed Native Stone ("Pea Stone") $39.50 Ton
1-1/2" Crushed Native Stone, Double Washed $38.00 Ton
Crushed White Shells $32.50 Yard

**We do not deliver shells outside of MA**
Please note that prices are subject to change without notice.

3/8" Native      3/4" Native

3/8" Blue      3/4" Blue

Our Crushed White Shells