Bricks & Blocks

T.W. Nickerson, Inc. offers several types of brick pavers for walkways and patios. Bricks are made in Massachusetts.

Item Price U/M
53DD Glen Gery (105 Band/530 Cube) $1.10 Each
Canal Street (100 Band/500 Cube) $1.05 Each
KF Flashed (94 Band/470 Cube) $1.00 Each
S&H City Hall (96 Band/480 Cube) $1.05 Each
Watsontown Garden (105 Band/525 Cube) $0.85 Each
Pine Hall Flashed 4x8 Paver (495 Cube) $1.05 Each
Cement Bricks $0.50 Each

 We also offer several types of concrete block for masonry projects.
Item Price U/M
4" Open, 4"x8"x16" $2.10 Each
4" Solid, 4"x8"x16" $2.10 Each
2-Core, 8"x8"x16" $2.10 Each
3-Core, 8"x8"x16" $2.10 Each
Drywell, Solid $3.40 Each
Drywell, Notched $3.40 Each
Soap Block, 8"x16"x1-5/8" $1.90 Each
Cement Patio Block, 12"x12" $2.95 Each
Cement Patio Block, 16"x16" $4.00 Each
Nicolock Cement Paver, 12"x12" $3.50 Each
Nicolock Cement Paver, 18"x18" $6.75 Each

Please note that prices are subject to change without notice.

Please see our Mason Materials page for supplies such as cement and rebar.