Landscape Ties

Our landscape ties are made of hemlock and are 40 year (limited warranty) guaranteed. Use them to line a driveway, create steps, or build an affordable retaining wall. They are compatible with ½” rebar, or for easy installation, use our 10” Timberlocks.
Ties can be purchased individually or by the lift. Our ties are true measurements, meaning the 5.5" and 6" dimensions are actual.

Landscape Ties
Price U/M
5.5"x5.5"x8' LANDSCAPE TIES (32/LIFT) $24.50 Each
6"x6"x8' LANDSCAPE TIES (24 & 32/LIFTS)
$27.00 Each
6"x8"x8' LANDSCAPE TIES (18 & 24/LIFTS)
$35.00 Each
$46.00 Box